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Welcome to The Rose of The Moon.

This is a suspencful fantasy manga that dives into the occult with bits of horror stirred in. It is suggested that you read it on a spooky night, all alone... mwah ha ha ha ha......

New Manga!

Hey dudes, did I mention I put up a new manga? Actualy, I put it up a few months ago. I think you should check it out. Just go to my profile, its the manga called "The Fae Summer".
That is all, thanks a bunch! ^^

Yay! ^^

Just posted the last few pages of the first chapter of the rose of the moon. There won't be any more pages of this story for a while, but I should be coming out with a different story soon! ^^ thanks! ^^

Comments! ^^

After only a few days, my manga has a bunch of great comments! ^^ I'm so happy! Just for you, my new beloved supporters, I am uploading a bunch of pages! There will be five more uploaded in a few days, but now there are nine more pages! ^^ Enjoy, and I wuv you! ^^

On the subject of uploading pages....

i have already finished drawing and scanning the first 20 pages of this manga, and my good friend nikicus has been so kind as to reformat them for me to fit smackjeeves' standard size, which is why she is listed as a co-author. Now all that is left is to decide how fast they will be uploaded. Hey fans! Pm me and tell me if you want them all at once, or in increments!

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